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*All Puppy Love products are single ingredient. We do not use any preservatives or additives in any of our products. If the package label states “Canadian Beef Liver”, that is the only product in the bag.

Bison 3 piece mini marrow

Bison Neck bones

Beef 3 piece mini marrow

Beef rib bones (sm)

Chicken necks


* Where do the raw materials used in making Puppy Love products come from?

Our raw materials are 100% Canadian origin and are sourced directly from various Canadian government inspected processing facilities. These facilities follow the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) food safety and humane handling requirements, which are considered among the most strict standards in the world.

* Are Puppy Love Pet Products free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids?

All of our products meet the Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulations for antibiotic and hormone residue parameters for human grade meat products.  Although, many of our products do come from antibiotic and hormone free animals, we cannot claim that for all of our raw materials.

* Does Puppy Love Pet Products sell directly to consumers?

No. When Puppy Love started, we provided a commitment to our retail partners that we would not compete with them by selling directly to their customers. We have received outstanding support from our retail partners and continue with our commitment. Currently, we have more than 250 outlets in Canada carrying our products. To find a location near you, please use the “Store Locator” tab on our website.

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