Pets Go Raw (2lbs) Pucks


Full Meals:

These balanced and complete meals contain 75% meats (chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, pork, or wild Pacific salmon) and 25% veggies and fruits (carrots, apples, pumpkin and zucchini). They also include organ meats, fresh whole eggs with shells and kelp. A beef and turkey blend is also available. Chicken, turkey and salmon are bone in. These meals may be supplemented with a suitable cold-pressed oil, preferably from an animal/fish source.

Veggie/Fruit Combinations:

75% meats (chicken, turkey, or beef/turkey blend) and 25% veggies/fruits (carrots, apples, pumpkin and zucchini).

Ground Meats:

Ground meats with organs from chicken or turkey. This can be the basis for your own recipe.

Sizes available:

  • 8 x ¼-lb patties
  • 8 x ½-lb patties
  • 5 x 5-lb logs
  • 25-lb bulk, cut into 1/2-lb pieces


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