Buddy Belt Harness


A Buddy Belt is a harness designed to reduce stress on your pet’s neck.  Buddy Belt has a unique patented design that makes it easy to use. It has only one buckle and slips on in seconds. The most important aspect of the design is the reduction of pressure on the throat or trachea. Pressure on this area over time has been shown to cause problems. In some cases, this pressure can significantly affect your dog’s health and, potentially, its lifespan.


The Buddy Belt design and production process requires a material that is ‘self-healing’. This means that once the material is cut, the edges will not fray. Leather is a natural material that has self-healing properties. Not only is leather durable, it also softens and moulds to the body for a custom fit. It is very important to note that leather is tear and puncture resistant.

Traditional neck collars can cause unnecessary strain and discomfort for pets. In many cases this strain results in damage to your pet’s trachea (windpipe) and/or spine.

FORM affects FUNCTION and function affects HEALTH!

BUDDY BELT enhances proper function and health.

– Dr. Leo K. Rosenberg –

Certified Animal Chiropractor

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